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a mad Java scientist one day hopefully a real scientist


I'm a Linux geek from Poland. I use Arch Linux with a custom DE (compiz + cairo-dock + screenlets). I like programming. I know some of C, C++, Python, Lua, and Lisp, but most of the stuff I code in Java.


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  • Thoughts on package managers

    These days we deal with many package managers - the system package manager (eg. pacman, dpkg & apt, rpm & yum), and various language specific package managers (eg. pip, npm, maven, gem). Each of them has its own quirks, tradeoffs, and design choices. Many of them have loads of hacks layerd on top to overcome these package managers’ limitations. Recently, I had some ideas how all this mess could be avoided.

  • Adventures with installing Firefox Sync

    Yesterday, I decided it’s time to finally install Firefox Sync server on my new VPS, as I got fed up with being unable to send browser tabs across devices. On the old VPS, it used to be just be running from a git checkout under /home/fxsync/, the way the official guide recommends. It’s not hard to guess that the daemon was running as the fxsync user, the same user that owned (and had write permission to) all the Sync server’s files. Not the cleanest solution ever, not to mention security concerns.

  • Configuring Arch's initramfs for detached LUKS header

    After setting up encrypted partitions and installing Arch Linux, I relized that Arch’s initramfs with the default encrypt hook can’t mount an encrypted root filesystem with detached LUKS header. I had to modify it for that to work.

  • Partitioning Prometheus

    Now that I’ve tamed SecureBoot and can boot Archiso on Prometheus, it’s time to set up some partitions where I can install Arch Linux.

  • Taming SecureBoot on Prometheus

    As I said in the previous post, Prometheus came with Win8, which means it has UEFI with SecureBoot enabled by default. It means it will refuse to boot anything it doesn’t trust, like a linux installation liveCD/liveUSB.

  • Meet Prometheus

    A couple months ago I bought myself a Medion Erazer X7827 laptop (btw. it’s a huge beast). I’m gonna call it Prometheus. It’s pretty powerful - Core i7 4710MQ Haswell unaffected by EU power limitation (no ‘U’ suffix), 16 GiB RAM, both SSD and 1TB HDD. It came with Win8 installed out of the box.

  • humand[1] Reached target Blog.

    Oh, hi!

    I just got my blog up and running. It’s powered by Jekyll, using my custom theme. You can find the source code of the blog in this GitHub repo. The theme’s license is MIT, and the text is… let’s say CC-BY. So yeah…