Oh, hi!

I just got my blog up and running. It’s powered by Jekyll, using my custom theme. You can find the source code of the blog in this GitHub repo. The theme’s license is MIT, and the text is… let’s say CC-BY. So yeah…

Anyway, I’ll be trying to write a post here whenever I encounter an interesting issue, or solve an interesting problem. Meanwhile, you can read the About page. It’s kinda long, so sorry for that, but I hope that the way it’s split into subsections makes it more readable and less TL;DR-ish.

By the way, I actually tried to start a blog twice in the past. Both attempts failed because Wordpress. And I’ve installed Arch Linux on 2 machines, but I barely remember what I did there and how I did it. So hopefully this blog will help me in remembering the steps involved, not just in Linux installation, but also in other things that involve configuring software, or solving problems which happen so rarely, that I always forget the solution.

Oh, and I’d love to post a rant or two here, too. I love reading rants, and I guess writing them is even more enjoyable :P. Dunno if I’ll have an opportunity, though.