Hi, I'm


a mad Java scientist one day hopefully a real scientist


I'm a Linux geek from Poland. I use Arch Linux with a custom DE (compiz + cairo-dock + screenlets). I like programming. I know some of C, C++, Python, Lua, and Lisp, but most of the stuff I code in Java.


As you've probably guessed by the looks of my website, I like neon-ish looking things, i.e. dark backgrounds and intensive highlights in saturated colors, with glow-ish shadows, etc. I also like computer-themed movies with this kind of aesthetics, like Matrix or TRON:Legacy. Dunno if the former caused the latter, or the other way around, but it's easier to find a cool neon-looking thing than a good computer-themed movie.

Movies and Music

Aside from Matrix (all 3 movies) and TRON (both), I also enjoyed watching War Games, Stargate (the original movie, SG-1 series, a bit of Atlantis series, and Ark of Truth movie) and BBC's Sherlock.

As for music, I like Daft Punk (esp. Harder Better Faster Stronger and Technologic), EnV's soundtrack for Electronic Super Joy (never played the game though), Armin van Buuren (esp. J'ai envie de toi), Matt McFarland's Cyber Advance (btw. it's CreativeCommons), and electronic music in general.


I thought Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden were cool. Then I watched Steins;Gate, and man, it was amazing. Naruto sucks, compared to that. Then I watched Robotics;Notes and 80% of Death Note. These were pretty impressive, too. As a result, I decided I'm gonna try to learn Japanese instead of German.


I like challenges, and I like solving problems. I especially enjoy coding things which were never made before, either because nobody thought of it, or because everybody thinks it's impossible. I also like to make my code universal, and (according to The Unix Way) suitable for use cases I didn't think of. That's why my code is complex (at least according to certain definitions of "complex"). However, while simple is better than complex, complex is better than complicated. And trying to hide complexity makes things complicated. Complexity should be exposed. This is what The Arch Way says, and I fully agree with it. I also strive for perfection, "just works" is not enough for me.